The Importance Of Hiring A Professional Tree Service For Your Home

As a homeowner, it’s important to tend to your property and protect it. Property is a huge investment and there are many things that must be done to maintain your home in tip-top condition. This is true not only for the interior but also for the exterior of your home. There are trees that must be pruned, cared for, and fertilized in the right way in order to maintain them in their peak condition. Various types of trees will require various types of maintenance. Experts at our tree service understand what needs to be done to ensure that your trees remain healthy and beautiful.

Tree Trimming

It’s important for trees to be trimmed annually to help encourage healthy growth. Dead and weak branches must be removed to ensure that the tree isn’t vulnerable to disease. This can weaken the tree overall. Large tree branches that are weak can suddenly break off and cause serious damage to nearby property or even injure bystanders.

Proper pruning will also ensure that your tree maintains its natural shape and is able to properly support the flowers and fruit that it produces. Our tree specialists on oahu understand and know the proper techniques and timing that trees should be pruned to ensure optimal growth.

Tree Health Care

It’s important to understand the health problems trees may have. It takes an expert eye to know what should be pruned and when. Arborists are certified and can quickly diagnose issues that may put the health of the tree at risk. Fungus and pests can quickly infest weak areas of trees and cause serious damage or kill the tree. If left undetected, it can also spread to other trees. Regular maintenance by our experts can ensure that problems are detected early on so that they don’t fester and cause damage. We can apply the proper techniques to ensure that the trees are properly pruned and fertilized to ensure that they will be healthy. We only use fertilizer on the soil so that we won’t damage the tree.

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Tree Removal

Sadly, some trees have been neglected and have reached a point wherein they are no longer able to be saved. Trees that can’t be saved should be removed to ensure that there are no hazards to the property or the people who live or visit there. Our tree removal service can safely and efficiently remove your trees so that you can reclaim the space and renew the space with other complimentary plants.

Let Our Experts Tend To Your Trees

It can cost a lot more, in the long run, to not properly tend to trees. Not only will the trees look unattractive, but they may also be unsafe and damage property and other trees. They can also cause bodily injury or even death. It’s important to maintain your investment and properly tend to your trees. Trees that are properly maintained will enhance the property and improve the curb appeal. Trees that are expertly tended to will bring enjoyment and improve the value of your property. Our tree experts are highly trained professionals and will tend to your trees with care. Call Island Ohana Tree Services of Oahu for more information……

Things You Must Know About Landscaping

Landscaping is the art and science of designing, constructing and operating outdoor space. The word “landscape” derives from the French paysage which stems from the Latin pagus meaning field. Landscape designs can be as simple as a rock and a tree or as elaborate as an entire city park with specific areas for particular activities such as sports and play.

landscapes can include natural, man-made, or modified environments, reclaimed land, urban spaces. They can be designed to meet human needs for recreation, health, or beauty.

Landscape design is similar to landscape architecture except that it focuses on garden design rather than planning for construction and engineering (Fernie, p. 47). “Landscape designers tend to work more in the public eye whereas landscapers are employed by clients.” The services of a landscape designer can include conceptualizing, planting design, irrigation plans and management plans involving horticultural science. They may also keep records of plants and develop their floral competence with gardening skills which improve their ability to design gardens aesthetically. This knowledge includes knowing how different plant species grow together so that they can create designs that require no maintenance after being planted.

Once a plan is complete, a landscape designer must implement their design. This can be through a number of ways including the use of hand tools such as pruning shears and rakes to larger equipment such as tractors.

Landscaping may involve garden maintenance, using gardening techniques such as watering, weeding, mowing, trimming and edging lawns or gardens. Different landscaping techniques may be used depending on the climate and location of the site. In agricultural areas sites often include irrigation to supplement rainfall since food production is the aim in these areas; due to earlier exploitation of land for crop growing most crops are planted after harvesting another crop (Fernie, p. 50).

The professional disciplines which involve landscape design tend to also work in the general hardscape areas of site development outside buildings. This can include paving walkways and driveways, installing fences, walls and hedges, terracing lawns to prevent erosion, planting trees for shade or screening, etc.

Clandestine landscape design is used by criminals wishing to hide evidence that they have dug a pitfall trap or buried hazardous materials on another’s property (see hidden camera).

Landscaping can be used to reduce the physical distance between separate locations. It can provide privacy in land use, enhance an otherwise desirable view from inside a building or within a room of the house while outdoors. For example, landscaping around a home or other structure can improve its appearance while also providing some reduction in traffic noise or nuisance from traffic.

Landscaping as a method of noise mitigation is used as a strategy by airports to reduce engine and tire noise impacts on adjoining communities, neighbourhoods and schools.

One of the initial landscape design procedures is to study the terrain where the proposed outdoor space will be established. This can be done using topographical maps or aerial photographs which show subtle changes in land elevation. A site visit with a former or current land owner may provide valuable information on features such as waterways including rivers, streams and lakes; areas of steep slope; soil type; existing vegetation; house orientation towards the sun etc.; all important considerations for designing outdoor spaces (Fernie, p. 51).